How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress 3.5+

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Do you need some help embedding YouTube videos into your WordPress 3.5+ self hosted blog?

You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to show you how to do it step by step and in video.

You can embed your own YouTube videos or other people’s videos right onto your blog posts or pages.

Actually- you can copy and paste the embed code from any other video website too (like Vimeo).

Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress 3.5+

1. Go to YouTube and open up the video you’d like to use.

2. Go to your WordPress Post or Page editor and select or create the post or page to embed your video in.

3. Choose an area within your post or page where you want your video and mark it like this: ———-

4. You should be in the Visual tab within your editor. Change over to the Text tab now.

5. Go back to your YouTube video on another tab or browser window.

6. Click on Share then Embed

7. Customize the Video size: according to your blog template. I usually do 599 wide.

8. Double check the other settings, adjust as you wish, then copy the code.

9. Go back to your WordPress editor and paste the code over the ———- mark we made earlier.

10. Save Draft. If you preview you may not be able to see the video. You get a blank space instead. This is common. Once you hit Publish it will work.

Video: Step by Step: How to Embed YouTube Videos in Posts or Pages in WordPress 3.5+

Congratulations! You now know how to embed YouTube videos onto your WordPress 3.5+ blog!

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