How to Have WordPress Resize Images for You

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Want to have WordPress resize and scale images for you?

So you don’t have to waste your time resizing photos and making sure the file size is low.

Even if you use an automator to resize your pics, this will save you even more time!

So listen up. Here’s how to set it up.

How to Setup WordPress to Resize Images for You

WordPress Automatically Resizes Images for You

1. Login to your self hosted WordPress dashboard

2. Towards the bottom left, under Settings, click on Media

3. Edit the thumbnail, medium, and large image sizes and click Save Changes

That’s it. WordPress will now automatically resize your photos to these three sizes you’ve set up for all of your image uploads.

Video: How to Have WordPress Resize Photos for You

Woohoo! Now WordPress is resizing your photos just how you want them automatically.

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