How to Rotate, Scale and Crop Photos in WordPress

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In this blog post I’m going to show you how to rotate, flip, scale and crop your photos and images in WordPress.

Some people still think that they have to do all of this photo work before uploading to WordPress but there are now easier ways to do this.

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How to Rotate, Scale, Resize and Crop Images in WordPress

1. Login to your self hosted WordPress blog’s dashboard.

2. Once logged in go to Media.

3. Click the Edit link on any of your already uploaded photos.

4. Click Edit Image.

5. Use the buttons above the image to flip and rotate your photo.

6. Use the built in selector to select an area of your image that you want to crop.

7. Click on the Crop icon up top.

Video: How to Rotate, Scale, Resize and Crop Photos In WordPress

Congratulations! You now know how to rotate, scale, resize, flip and crop images in WordPress!

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